Effective Batting Technique

nique.jpg”>Joe Mauer uses a pitching machine to perfect his swing.

Even Joe Mauer can benefit from using a pitching machine to time his swing.

Even an ultimate pitching machine with all of the bells and whistles can’t shape you into a strong batter. Knowing basic batting technique is crucial to your success at the plate. Those who best understand where to place their feet, how to hold the bat, and when to swing on a pitch are those most likely to benefit from using a personal pitching machine. After all, Derek Jeter, Joe Mauer, and other professionals certainly don’t hit well just because they’re friendly with a local pitching machine.

To hold the bat properly, you need to grip the bat with your fingers, not your palms (this is a common rookie mistake). Knuckles will need to be properly aligned, and your hands need to be the appropriate length down the bat’s handle. You’ll also need to acquire a solid batting stance, which is just as important as bat handling. Where you place your legs isn’t set in stone.

As you’ll see in the Majors, many players adopt many different types of batting stances. Find one that feels comfortable for you that also provides you with the most contact effectiveness and swinging power. Making sure you don’t stand differently every time is key. Finally, follow strong swing technique, and always follow through.

Make sure to swing on time, as different pitches will come at you at different speeds. If you can at least get down the basic mechanics of how to hold your bat, how to stand, and when to swing, you can use a pitching machine to begin practice swinging.

Did you know…

…that there are many different baseball hitting drills you can perform at batting cages? If you or someone you know is learning how to play baseball, get in front of the nearest ATEC or JUGS pitching machine and test bunting, slugging, and contact hitting to diversify those baseball skill sets.